Wayah Wellness is a 100% Australian Indigenous owned and operated business. We provide workshops, classes and 1-on-1 consultations for individuals, families, business staff and organisations. Using yoga classes, Wayapa® sessions and children’s workshops, we combine traditional wisdom with modern science to help people connect, relax, grow, heal and better themselves.

Jem Stone, wellness practitioner, hosting 3 workshops / classes.

Jem Stone is First Nations woman, who has been gratefully living on Wurundjeri Country since 2011. Working in the wellness industry for over twenty years, Jem is a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner and Trainer, Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist and Educator, creates and facilitates workshops to various audiences, from the corporate arena to pre-school aged children. Jem is trained in Yoga, We-Al-Li Culturally Informed Trauma Therapy, Dadirri, Meditation, as well as Counselling and Sound Healing, which combined her love of Mother Nature and Sound, creating much of her music from field recordings on Country. Jem has seen first-hand the profound healing benefits of these modalities whilst immersed in Nature.

Jem facilitates several classes per week, coordinates workshops for Organisations and Events, has a private practice in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and educates and certifies new practitioners. Cultural and personal mentoring is a speciality and workshops can be tailored to your events or needs. Jem considers herself an Earth Custodian and acknowledges all her ancestral roots that include: Indigenous Australian, Native American, Afro Caribbean, English and Irish.

Jem practicing Wayapa in Victoria Australia

Jem was invited to speak at a World Indigenous Summit in New Zealand in 2017 which affirmed her vision to integrate Ancient Indigenous Wisdom into our modern-day lives with hopes of bringing healing to Mother Earth and all people.

Jem Stone arrived in healing spaces and the wellness industry through her own personal healing journey, inspiring her to create her business ‘Wayah Wellness’ to share the healing benefits she’s experienced first-hand. “Wayah” means “fly” in the language of the Bundjalung peoples of Northern NSW. ‘Wayah Wellness’ holds the vision of wellness and connection, creating access to healing through respectful relationships for all socio-economic and minority groups, who may not ordinarily access mainstream wellness practices.

Jem co-created ‘Rebirthing Breathwork Australia’ in 2019 to train and certify new practitioners with her internationally accredited course to awaken the profound healing power of conscious connected breathing within mainstream society.

In 2020 Jem was asked by Yoga Australia to join the Reciprocity Action Plan (RAP) Group and is now bringing Indigenous conversations and cultural awareness into Yoga spaces. Jem is a director of Ngungwalah Aboriginal Corporation, creating cultural awareness units for yoga teacher training within Australia and to create scholarships for training Aboriginal people in Yoga and Wayapa Wuurrk.

Jem is a keen advocate for social justice and is a founding member of ‘Uneasy Convos’, bringing awareness and conversations of racial issues and social justice to the forefront of Australian conversations, to dismantle systemic racism in all areas of our society.